How FishTick is being used

Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)

Used at fish ladders on Niles and Berrien Springs Dam on the St. Joseph River, and Webber Dam on the Grand River. Click here for more information on the St. Joseph anadromous fish project, including their use of FishTick.  Click here to view the latest MDNR fish counts from these dams, as well as a link to AVI files of fish passage that were recorded by FishTick.   Salmonsoft modified FishTick to stream jpg images onto the MDNR website-click here to see those images. Our software is also being used at South Bend Dam on the St. Joseph River in Indiana.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Alaska

Salmonsoft customized FishTick for use with Alaskan fish wheels currently operated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Bering Sea Fisherman’s Association and the Yukon River fish wheel operators in addition to the USFWS.  This application is described in Daum, D.W.  2005.  Monitoring fish wheel catch using event-triggered video technology.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 25: 322-328.  For additional information, go to

United States Forest Service in Southeast Alaska

The USFS has been using FishTick at fish ladders in southeast Alaska.  These systems have replaced surveillance equipment-based systems which recorded onto digital video recorders.

Eugene Water and Electric Board

Our newest customer is in the process of installing FishTick at a new fish ladder at Leaburg Dam.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service at a weir on the Pere Marquette River


FishTick is used to count fish at all Connecticut Basin dams where fish are counted. Contact us for a copy for a draft evaluation report on the use of FishTick.

EAWAG is using the software at Reuss River in Switzerland.  FishTick is also being used in Italy.



We have done extensive work with Environment Agency Wales on providing additional features to allow widespread use across Wales.  A report, titled  “Using video images for fisheries monitoring:  A manual for using underwater cameras, lighting, and image analysis” can be found by clicking here.


Our users are delighted to talk to potential users of FishTick.  Please contact us for more information on these applications, as well as for contact information for users.
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